Friday, May 22, 2015

Waiting game....

I turned the big 2-8 on April 27th and all that I could wish for was my new ticker.  I knew that I was going to my appointment to get higher up on the transplant list on April 29th and after that it was just a big waiting game.  To receive a heart transplant there are a lot of stipulations and Dr's appointments to go to and be cleared by.  The month of April was FULL of appointments.  I had to be cleared by:
-Psychologist (thought I would fail that one)
-Radiologist after reading my chest xray, echocardiogram and some other tests
-Primary Care Physician
-And of course the millions of tubes of blood

I found out that I was cleared by everyone and on April 29th I was bumped from a 7 to a 1A status on the heart transplant list.  You can only have the 1A status for 30 days then you are moved down to a 1B.  At my appointment, some of my support system was with me and we listened to the pre-transplant nurse discuss everything in great detail.  She explained that once I get the call it could be 12-24 hours before I start surgery because surgeon flies to get my new heart and has to get everything ready and perfect for me but I need to get to the hospital immediately.  I am currently 23 days into my 30 days at the 1A status.  My nurse also looked me in the face and said she's only had to ask 1 other girl if she was READY because she thought that girl would get her heart within a few days and she had to ask me the same.  She looked me in the eyes and asked if I was ready because I am in a really good state to get my heart within the first week.  It about made me cry because it all felt so real then, of course I answered that I was as ready as I will ever be.  I know that my Dad was with me that day, and it's as if he answered for me.  He knows I will be okay.  My Dad is my angel through all of this and I fight every single day for him. 

I know that God has this all planned out for me.  He is waiting for the perfect heart and for the perfect time.  He has to find someone with a body type similar to mine and blood type B or O and with no antibodies.  My Dad won't let me get anything less than a perfect heart.  I have been blessed to feel as good as I feel right now, the best I have felt in 7 months, but I'm ready.  I am loving being back at work right now and really enjoying life with my friends and family more than ever before, but I'm ready.  I'm ready for this next step and my new chance at life.  My LVAD will only last so long.